Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and assist you on your journey supporting children to hear, listen and to speak. 

Do I have to participate in Loud Shirt Day on a particular day?
Although Loud Shirt Day is officially in October we are happy for people to choose to go LOUD on a date to suit them. And if you let the centre you are fundraising for know the date you have selected they will get in touch and send you some fundraising ideas.

What if dressing in loud shirt doesn't work for my workplace or school?
That is fine too, we don’t mind how you go LOUD. In fact, we encourage you to think of new ways to participate and encourage colleagues, students, friends and families to become involved. These might include holding a ‘raffle’, ‘bake off’ or how about a ‘battle of the bands’? You might want to ask your manager if the company would dollar match any funds raised by the staff of your organisation.

How do I register for Loud Shirt Day?
Click on the register page on the Loud Shirt Day website and select the state from the map shown that you want to support. You will then be directed to the relevant registration page.

How will the funds raised be used?
Your gift will help give deaf children in your state access to sound, speech and language. Your support will open doors to better education and employment choices, social integration with the hearing world and the chance to contribute to their community.

All centres receive only a portion of their funding from state and federal governments, and rely heavily on corporate and community support and fundraising to raise the funds necessary to deliver intensive therapy services to those families that need them. It is only through gifts like yours that hundreds of deaf and hearing impaired children can now tell their mothers and fathers they love them.

I did not register for Loud Shirt Day and need to bank the funds I have raised/collected, what do I do?
If you haven’t registered that is fine simply select the centre or state you would like to support and give them a call or drop them an email. You will be sent the centres bank account details and a reference number so that you can bank the funds you have raised.

I have misplaced the banking instructions, what do I do?
If you know which centre/state you registered with give them a call or drop them an email. You can find contact details for all centres on the Loud Shirt Day website. As well as the bank account details they will need to give you a reference number.
Note: You may want to check your emails as the centre you registered with may have sent you an email with their bank details and your reference number.

How do I bank my funds?
There are two ways you can bank your funds.
1. Direct Deposit / EFT – if you do not have the banking details, call the centre you raised funds for, or
2. Everyday Hero Payment Form which you which is in your Loud Shirt Day kit. If you can’t locate the form contact the centre/state you are fundraising for.

I need individualised receipts?
We can provide these to you but first we have some questions for you to answer.

Have you deposited your money?
-Yes, go to next question
-No, please give the centre you are supporting for Loud Shirt Day a call or drop them an email.

Did you deposit the funds into the centres bank account?
-Yes, please call the centre or drop them an email
-No, I used the Everyday Hero payment form. You will need to contact Everyday Hero on 1300 798 768 to obtain their assistance.


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