Real Stories

Lachlan’s cheeky smile lights up the room

"The day Lachlan received his hearing aids was one of the best days of my life. It was a great feeling watching my little boys face light up with happiness as he heard for the first time. The team at Tarayle have been wonderful to work with however I know that they can only achieve this through the support of people like you."
Mum, Michelle

Lexi is the life of the party

"Thanks to early therapy sessions at the Cora Barclay Centre, Lexi is a chatty, social little girl and for that reason many people do not realise that she is deaf. She listens to all conversations, especially her Dad's, repeating everything she can get away with. Working with the fabulous team at the Cora Barclay Centre means together we are investing in Lexi's personal growth now to ensure she has no limits in her future." 
Dad and Mum, Shane and Natalie

Meet Oliver; a budding artist

"Our son Oliver is a lucky boy, not only does he get to use one of the greatest ever Australian inventions, the cochlear implant but he also receives therapy, technical and emotional support from the terrific team at the Shepherd Centre. Without the support of people like you my son would not have access to this valuable, life changing services." 
Mum, Claire

Archer is a little man on the move

 "We are so proud of Archer's achievements since receiving his cochlear implants. The team at Hear and Say are so supportive and we cannot than them enough. We are grateful to the many donors, people like you, who support the work of charities like Hear and Say so children, like Archer, can receive the very best start for their hearing, listening and speaking future." 
Mum and Dad, Anissa and Daniel

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