Who We Are


Hear and Say, Queensland and NT

Hear and Say

Hear and Say is a leading paediatric auditory-verbal and implantable technology (including cochlear implants) not-for-profit teaching children who are deaf or hearing impaired to listen and speak since 1992. Hear and Say operates centres in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Cairns and Townsville and provides an outreach program for rural and remote children and families. You can contact Hear and Say on 07 3850 2111 or email  to find out more.

Taralye, Victoria and Tasmania


Taralye, the oral language centre for deaf children, is Victoria’s leading oral language centre that provides services to deaf and hearing impaired children and their families throughout the State. Taralye is a not-for-profit located in Blackburn, Victoria, which offers a range of programs from early intervention and early childhood programs. For more details contact 03 9877 1300 or email

Cora Barclay Centre, South Australia and Western Australia

Cora Barclay Centre

The Cora Barclay Centre is the oldest Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) program in Australia providing intensive, evidenced-based intervention through Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT), student support services, social participation programs, and ongoing monitoring and assessment to children from birth to 18 years and their families. The aim of the Centre is to help hearing-impaired children achieve life-long social and economic independence. The vast majority of children who attend the Cora Barclay Centre who have no additional disabilities, achieve age-appropriate speech, language and comprehension by the time they go to school.

The Cora Barclay Centre is based in South Australia, but has supported clients throughout Australia including WA and TAS. 

Call us on 08 8267 9200 or email to find out more.

The Shepherd Centre, New South Wales and ACT

The Shepherd Centre

The Shepherd Centre is a charity that with the help of our wonderful donors teaches deaf and hearing impaired children how to listen and speak. 90% of our graduates continue their education in mainstream schools. Established in 1970, The Shepherd Centre operates in New South Wales, Tasmania and the ACT. Centres are located at Newtown, Liverpool, Macquarie University, Wollongong and Canberra. In addition to these physical locations The Shepherd Centre works with families in rural and remote areas and overseas. Find out more by calling on 1800 020 030 or email.


Each of these centres are staffed by professionals with expertise in audiology, speech therapy, family therapy, counselling and early childhood education. Listening and spoken language therapy services are provided for hearing impaired children from birth to five years. Some member organisations also support children on their journey through school.

Hearing loss is one of the very few disabilities that can be all but overcome with early detection and intensive intervention.

The intensive family-based therapy programs mean that 9 in 10 of children going through these centres enter mainstream education with their hearing peers. (Those that don’t usually have additional disabilities.)

It can be done! Deaf children can learn to speak. And you can help.

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